Arm Bar Soap


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A sweet-scented, supersized bacteria-hunting soap brick inspired by the predatory creatures of myth and folklore.  Although rare, super packs of wolves have been recorded in the hundreds. These packs develop social bonds so strong they’ve been known to sacrifice themselves for the survival of the pack.  Similarities of family and unity can be found throughout Jiu Jitsu academies around the world.  We knew a bar built around a creature so formidable deserved a fungal-fighting formulation to match.  We began by infusing this batch with one of the strongest natural bacteria killing oils on earth - East Cape Manuka oil, an ingredient that has been proven to be more than 33x more effective in eliminating the Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph) strain than it’s Australian counterpart.  We’ve combined this with a potent, fungus fighting 5-oil-blend of Night Blooming Jasmine, Vetiver, Clary Sage, Tea tree, and Cypress. We then added in a healthy helping of Myrrh Resin Powder - used by the Egyptians for centuries to promote quick wound healing.  Next, a bountiful amount of North American Blueberry Oil was poured in for its powerful antioxidants and high levels of alpha linolenic acid, an essential fat known for healing damaged skin.  This 10oz. pink giant is finally finished off with a healthy helping of organic, moisture-rich Kokum Butter to rehydrate skin while a hefty dash of Apricot Seed Powder is sprinkled in each bar to exfoliate any dead skin acquired during heavy training.  Created to cleanse and protect us from the mat-born infections that often stalk us we step on the mat, we invite you to run with the Arm Bar wolf pack.

*Each bar comes in a collectible box designed by 2nd degree Jiu Jitsu Black belt, Sam Kressin.