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Arm Bar Spider Guard Serum

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“Spider Guard Serum” was dreamed up in a jacuzzi in early 2018 after a long week of open guard specific training.  A stiff neck, soar fingers, and balled-up forearm muscles left us plotting what a simpler method of recovery could be. 

Enter - "Spider Guard Serum" - an all natural roll-on gel, 100% formulated and lab-tested in San Diego, California to aid us from the minor injuries that we procur from hard rounds day in and day out. The ability of our premium, Colorado-Grown Hemp Extract, that recent studies have shown to help relieve pain and impede strains and sprains acquired during heavy training has catapulted it into the forefront of modern sports medicine.

After infusing a Maximum-Strength dose of 200mg into each Roll-on, we’ve also combined a mega blend of inflammation-relieving Ginger Root Extract, Turmeric Extract, Willow Bark Extract, and Camphor Oil.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus-derived Menthol cools on-contact and opens up pores, allowing our high-powered, anti-inflammatory + pain-soothing formula to be absorbed into the skin and provide long-lasting relief - getting us back to doing what we love most - Training.



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As I write this, some gnarly weather is tearing up the east coast of the USA, and it's been building all week. If you've got old injuries, you know how the weather can make them feel a thousand times worse. After a long week capped off by a rough session focused on leg locks with the head instructor, come Saturday I was in real agony. My perfect storm of chronic pain, exacerbated by bad weather and lots of heavy use, had reared its ugly head, and I was limping all over the place.

My first container of Spider Guard got in over the weekend. After bombarding this pain with everything I could muster throughout the week, from over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pills to hot showers, ice packs, extra recovery time, and even my bar of Big Trouble in Little Rio (still my go-to for less acute after-training pain), I open it up, roll it on, and within two minutes I am no longer dropping clusterbombs of profanity every time I have to drag myself around the house for something.

You guys have completely changed the way I recover from training, and now even my grandma wants some for her bum elbow. Mahalo for this serum!



Living in Australia it is very hard to get CBD based products to help with inflammation and so forth. Then comes along Spider Guard, I ordered some and have been using it for a week now. For a long time I have had an issue with my Shoulder and neck, first time I used this I was able to get more range out of my Shoulder and was able to turn my neck further. As the title states, Freedom is what this roll on has given me. Let's hope they bring out a much stronger one in the future, would love to see a 500mg and 1000mg at some point.


Long time shoulder pains. Within minutes the pain was nonexistent. Was able to enjoy my workout and not die afterwards. Truly awesome.


This stuff is amazing, it's great for soothing aching joints and muscles after tough rolls at the gym. It takes a minute or two to start feeling it but then it lasts for a long time. Highly recommend it!


Grappling in my 40's definitely takes it's toll. I've used ice baths, Cryotherapy and Lots of Motrin.... Grabbed this Product because I have never been disappointed by ArmBar Soap, I've been using their products since the beginning. The Spider Guard Serum WORKS!! 2 minutes into applying it you could start to feel it work! It completely loosened the area and alleviated the pain I had!