Scramble “Athlite” Kimono – Blue

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Scramble “Athlite” Kimono – Blue


Scramble’s Ultralight Competition Kimono. Lightweight pearl weave top and ripstop pants.

Giving you an extra 500 grams breathing room compared to our Athlete 3, the Athlite ensures that you can enter competition safe in the knowledge that didn’t need to starve yourself to make weight.

Because who doesn’t love hamburgers? Vegans? Yeah true. But they can still wear this gi. It’s vegan.


Ultralight competition kimono

Pearl weave top, rip stop pants

A2 weights just 1.29kgs (approx)


Weight (approx):

A0 – 1.1kg
A1 – 1.2kg
A2 – 1.3kg
A3 – 1.4kg
A4 – 1.5kg