Stroops Double Gun

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Stroops® Double Gun

High-quality belt system to increase upper and 
lower body strength!

  • Training suggestions: For throwing, jumping, punching and 
    partner exercises.
  • Also ideal as a training device for boxers and MMA fighters 
    to improve punching power, punch frequency, punch 
    speed and explosive power.
  • The orange coating protects the tape from cuts, 
    harmful UV rays and overstretching.
  • Length of the Slastix® rope: 4 x approx. 121 cm. 
  • Scope of supply: 
    4 x ca.121cm Slastix, 2 x wrist cuffs, 
    2 x foot cuffs, 1 x holding or fastening strap.

Heavy: Strength of straps: 25lbs/11kg Tensile resistance 
 Strength of straps: 20lbs/9kg Tensile resistance